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Offline version also available. Search for Wiki Offline. Wikibot makes reading Wikipedia articles a joy on your Mac! Whether you want to learn more about the places around you, entertain yourself with random articles, or research your favorite TV s

66% OFF WITH TwoDollarTues! ONE TIME SALE! Wiki Offline delivers the premium reading experience for the entire corpus of human knowledge. This premiere service is the result of collaboration with over 1000 users just like you. Join the myriad of sci

Battery Guard tells you how long your battery will last! It is a fully featured, enhanced replacement for the battery tray icon that comes with your Mac. Battery Guard shows the time left on your battery right next to its icon! If you'd rather show

★ Wikitravel Offline has been featured on the Mac App Store Home Page ★ Has been the Top Paid app in Travel Wikitravel Offline is a browser for Wikitravel that has been specially engineered for offline access. It is designed to deliver t

Disk Cleaner Pro removes tons of unnecessary files on your Mac to free up hard drive space. Disk Cleaner Pro can clear: - Unused caches - Unused logs - Old email attachments - Old downloaded files - Unnecessary foreign languages - The Trash! Get it