Applications by Avery-deGruchy

Rename It is an easy-to-use batch file* renaming tool that saves you time and energy. Notable Features: • A simple to use interface makes renaming your files easy. • Save your customized renaming schemes for future use. • A handy pre

With Pause It you can enjoy playing media in your browser and easily: - Play/Pause music on Pandora, Grooveshark, and videos on YouTube with the F8 key. - Move to the next song with the F9 key. - Move to the previous song/Restart a song with the F7

Volume Reset is a menu bar utility that sets your Mac's volume to a predetermined level when you shut down or sleep your Mac. This can be handy for those who forget to turn their volume down before shutting down so as to not disturb others when booti

Visualize allows you to highlight your key presses and mouse clicks right on your desktop! The perfect tool for presentations or video tutorials, Visualize allows you to customize the look so your viewers can follow along with ease. Features: - Disp

Scope allows you to display a scope on your computer's screen. You can change the scope's position, size, and transparency. This allows you to display a scope for video games that might not give you a scope. **Please note that Scope only displays