Applications by AsramSoftware

Audio-application containing all the Raga-based (i.e. Indian musical tones-based) Psalm-tunes, Refrains for the Psalms and Canticles, and liturgical songs created at St. Benedict Monastery in Bangladesh. Just select a Refrain, a Canticle, a Psalm-tun

DownloadManager’s usefulness lies in downloading files in a queue, and in resuming interrupted downloads. In fact, there are still many places in the world where slow connections cause the interruption of downloading processes. Yet, the applica


21 days ago

Utility that at the user’s fixed time calls for attention by customizable notifications, screen-messages, or by saying ‘Hello!’ (or whatever you wish) or by playing a piece of music or a couple of beeps. It can run several reminders

iWEBmaster is a (X)HTML editor that allows you to easily create pages for a website. It addresses especially users who do not have a very deep understanding of html: so, its main aim is to teach the how and why of certain procedures. For this reason,

Handy utility to manage in a friendly way a website through the FTP protocol (only UNIX servers, and no support for SFTP, but cfr. at the bottom ): you can upload/download files, change their name etc. Main features: • Uploading and downloading

eTunes (i.e. easyTunes) is a small application that allows even non-professional musicians to create and play their own tunes. In fact it is enough to click the piano-keys and eTunes will take care to code your inputs for the right output. eTunes doe

Utility to remote-check in one go one or several POP3 Mailboxes (i.e. Mailboxes you access through Emailer applications such as Mail, Thunderbird and the like) and fully manage their messages (inspect, delete, reply/forward/redirect etc.) before down

You may have to draw the schedule of a concert, or of any other kind of performance or program: iSchedule makes it easy for you to build any sort of schedules, since you can easily add and/or subtract hours, minutes and seconds. Eventually you can sa

Suppose you have a friend on holiday in some remote part of the globe and you want to know the right time to call him up: fine! Let BigBen show you at a glance the current date and time of twelve cities of your choice all over the world. The total n

The main purpose of Desktop Inspector is to detect whether, on the Desktop or in any other location, there are unknown invisible items, i.e. files or folders you created unwillingly or by accident, or were created by a third-party software. Third-par

iSlide is an application for viewing pictures and videos. Unlike other similar applications it offers only a single fade-effect function when moving from an image to the next, but it provides several other options/functions that can turn out rather u


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Calculator that besides the usual converting functions (Temperature, Pressure, Speed etc.) handles currency-convertion. In Log-mode it is possible to see operations as they are performed. • Double display in conversion mode: it shows both the en

multiLibrary is an easy-to-use yet versatile database for organizing one or more libraries. By library one should understand Collection of...: in fact you can customize the predefined labels (Name, Title, Subtitle, Volume, Editor etc.) so that they r

Easy to use audio-player application to listen to songs from several sources one after the other: load one or more CDs, mount external drives (ex. flash-drives) and drop on the app’s icon one or several folders containing audiovisual files, and

‘Tattva’ (or Tattwa) is a Sanskrit word whith various meanings: according to the Hindu philosophical Samkhya school (about 2300 BC), ‘Tattva’ refers to the five primary elements that make up the world: Sky, Fire, Air, Water, E

Electronic agenda to store email/web addresses, phone-numbers and text-data (postal-addresses, personal/confidential data etc.). Just a click of the mouse, and it dials phone-numbers and launches your emailer with pre-compiled email-address or connec

Home-database created in order to have always and easily at disposal personal and family/institution-related data and info: anniversaries, dated to be reminded of, bank accounts’ and Insurance’s data, Credit Cards, login-strings and passw

Application designed to improve one’s listening- and comprehension-level. It focuses on functions usefull especially to users whose mother language is not English. Actually, with the variety of system-voices available nowadays, the app --beside

You may know the date of your birthday, but you may not know what day it was! Do you know whether the French Revolution started on a Monday or a Friday? What day will 2.2.2044 be? Feed Chrono Machine any date from 1200 BCE to 2100 CE, and you will ge

Utility to search in one go one or several sets of words in hundreds of files created by wordprocessors, pagemakers, and html files etc. (except .pdf files). In fact, if you write a lot, there may come a time when you are in doubt whether a certain w