Applications by Ashley-Chapman

Quickly and easily create a link from a URL to share to the world or Quickly and easily get a link and expand it to a URL to share to the world

A web browser that gives you easy access to your favourite Website, the best content and will soon have tabs and book-marker but for now is a fun and basic easy to use web browser to search, socialize and watch videos with. And is fully compatible w

Try and get the highest score as possible but the more enemys you shoot will cause more waves of enemys to come at you and change there attack and some enemys need more bullets to shoot them down. The help you achive shooting more waves of enemy you

QRMake is Designed to help with Creating QR Codes for Websites, Sharing With you Friends and Followers by Saving the QRCodes as PNG Images. You can Use URLs, Text or Email Addresses to Generate QRCodes. You also can change Foreground and Background C

Pass Maker Allow you to generate a Number of Password Types From 1 Word Passwords to 2 Words, A Symbol and a Number Password. All with a Few Click of the Mouse Then Copy and Paste into a Password TextField in a Register Form on a Website. Of cause Us