Applications by Artur-Grigor

SVN Notifier is the best menu bar app to monitor your Subversion project repositories for changes. SVN Notifier will always notify you about the latest commits to the repositories, so that you can always update to the latest version right away. SVN

Ad Control is a simple and efficient app which blocks ads and also has a little bit of human touch. The blocking engine works in a unique way giving you the option to not only block all ads but also, in order to prevent your favorite websites from di

“Block Tracking” is the app you need if you want your private data to stay private. It is simple, user friendly and very effective. It blocks tracking services from obtaining your sensitive information like identity, location, browsing hi

NU MAI CĂUTA, tocmai ai găsit cea mai avansată aplicație de vizionare a posturilor TV din România din Mac App Store. Alte aplicații nici nu se compară atunci când vine vorba de calitate, funcționalit