Applications by Arphix

FREE SPACE PUZZLE GAME! The dark force intend to conquer the entire universe using a starfleet of bugs! Be ready to confront the enemy power! - 40 challenging missions across scenarios with beautiful retina-display graphics. - Earn gold by solving

Can you think really fast? Test your recognition skills and enhance your visual memory while having fun with Think Fast! [How to play] ● Tap a card to see which image appears when it turns. ● Try to find where is the other card with the

Baby kangaroo Joey wants to run on the Outback but the roads are dangerous! Help him to cross the many roads as possible without getting hit by cars and trucks. [How to play] ● Click anywhere on the screen to move the baby kangaroo and cross t

Mini soldiers in epic battles! Survive the attack of countless enemies in amazing and visually impressive battle arenas, using lots of weapons, explosives and special powers. [Features] ● Amazing sound effects to get more immersion in the game

AMAZING SHOOTER GAME!!! Watch the trailer at! Mini wars is a side-scroller war game where you controls a soldier in battles full of action. - Realistic, dynamic, physics-based battle environments! - Immersive gameplay with 6 game mo

Do you have a good memory? Enhance your visual and auditory memory while having fun with Tap Brain! [How to play] ● Watch the sequence of tiles that will light on. ● Tap the colored tiles in the same sequence. ● Try to get 3 medals

The cutest puzzle adventure you will ever see! Match cookies and smash ants with friends and family! Join the cutest puppy in the world in a delicious and epic adventure through a yard full of colored cookies and angry ants. Puppy Cookies is free t

AMAZING SAND ART GAME!!! Draw with colored sand, water and rock in this beautiful particles simulation game! - Convert photos and pictures to sand art! - Just drag the mouse to create magnificent art inside bottles. You can use colored sand, water

Teddy is a plush ninja in a forest surrounded by zombie bears! Help him to kill as many zombies as he can with his ninja stars! Don’t be eaten by the undead! [How to play] ● Click anywhere on the screen to throw ninja stars. ● Aim