Applications by AroniSoft-LLC

AroniSmartInvest™ is a simple, cost effective and yet powerful machine learning tool at the disposal of the individual or any savvy investors for making an informed choice of stocks to invest in on a short term basis. At the same time, it pro

Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Students, Politicians, Economists, Political Analysts, Financial Analysts, Statisticians, and most of us the practitioners use statistics to answer questions or to support decision making that require data analysi

AroniStat™ is a quick statistical reference tool. It is intended for beginners, students of statistics, casual and regular users and advanced statisticians. Beginners and casual or regular users will quickly find this tool easy to use and handy

AroniSmartLytics™ is a leading advanced analytics, machine learning and data science tool, with optimized cutting edge statistics models, Big Data and Text Analytics. AroniSmartLytics™ includes modules covering machine learning and Bi