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Pyramid Shooter takes you to a mysterious and futuristic place, where each level needs to be explored. Shoot the pyramids to allow you to move further and further into the levels, and to learn more about this unknown world. The feeling of flying an

Real Estate Tycoon is a puzzle and strategy game with increasing speed of buying and selling houses to generate profit. Complete the Career Map and all its missions. Or try the Time Trial mode to challenge your skills. In the Endless Mode you can p

This is a classic shoot em up arcade game based in 1945. Your mission (if you choose to accept it): - Dodge the bullet hell and incoming enemy Aircrafts - Destroy the enemy boss aircrafts at each stage - Collect power-ups to upgrade your weapons -

Near a beautiful beach resort you chose to set up a Burger shop to become the next Burger Tycoon. Write your own history with this Burger Story Game. Make delicious burgers, coffee and sell cool drinks at the hot beach. Make tasty food and satisfy

Submarine Dash!! is cool endless game that you have to survive as much as possible with collecting coins... There has some missions that you have to be clear…But be careful!! Your enemies try to disturb your way!! Try to avoid enemies attac

Agent Hammer is a cool third person shooting game with tons of weapons and slowmo (Hammer) time to aim in hectic times properly. Destroy everything in your way. Even buildings! Collect money and spend it on new weapons and gadgets! Use vehicles l

Racer X(treme) is a high-speed 3D racing game to infinity. Features: * 3D infinite game with addictive gameplay * Procedural generated levels (no level is the same) * Best scores * Integrated store to buy more spacecrafts * 7 spacecraft you can buy

Finger Soccer is a flexible football game that can be played as a single player (player vs CPU) or 2-Players (two players on a same device). Players can select and drag on their units to adjust the power and direction of the shoot. There is also

The Impossible Wheel is is the perfect casual game. It is very easy to pick up, but yet insanely addictive. Impossible Wheel is a side-scrolling and rolling platform. Guide a small ball on a dangerous mission, be careful, the curved road ahead is