Applications by Arbor-Apps-LLC

Apple stock widget meets crypto. With a Menu Bar ticker. FEATURES: [+] Today Widget in the Notification Center. [+] Real-time (literally) price updates in the Menu Bar. [+] Histograms charts (day, week, month, year) of recent market performance. SU


Are you a freelancer? Digital nomad? Side project hustler? Moonlighter? This app was built for you. * PROJECT TRACKING Moonlight features a comprehensive way to keep track of all of your freelance projects. Track projects, tasks, and time via an ea

This menu bar app allows you to search subreddits for posts based on keywords, automatically, in the background. The app alerts you when it finds a matching post. Features: * Lives Entirely in Menu Bar * Automatic Notifications Let us kn

This menu bar app allows you to easily create GIFs of your Mac Desktop. Features: * Lives Entirely in Menu Bar * Drag to position video screencast frame (or fullscreen) * Automatically create GIFs to share. Create a GIF in a Jiffy! Let us know you

Icons: App Icon Asset Creator takes any image and creates a full set of icons, for iOS, OSX, or Apple watch. These icons are guaranteed to be produced in the latest Asset Catalog format allowing you to drag just a single file into Xcode and have all