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BONUS EDITION: Walkthrough included in the package! The wicked Witch has cast a spell on the Kingdom of Ulaland. She has imprisoned all inhabitants, including the King and the Prince, in the enchanted castle, but she still cannot gain total control

The residents of a small American town are anxious: a fellow resident – an eccentric but famous professor – has mysteriously disappeared. On a dark, stormy night an odd old gentleman suddenly appeared at the door of your detective agency

Try this elegant mix of puzzle, love story, adventure and quest! The action develops around a time paradox, which was accidentally caused by Jane when she discovers that her uncle has died and visits his house in France. In the uncle’s house

“Between the Worlds” ranked #1 among hidden object games on MSN Top Games and on iWin. Also, the game was listed in the Top 10 in its category on several retailers’ websites, including Big Fish Games. A quiet American city has sudd

Darkness has engulfed Grimville. The quiet town of Grimville witnessed a horrible crime: the local circus strongman was cruelly killed by a werewolf. That same day, the mayor and his daughter mysteriously disappeared. Local police had no other choic

A world of magic and machines faces impending doom when the central machine, the heart of the world, stops. The heart of the world generated powers of four elements – fire, water, earth and air. Using these powers, the inhabitants of this world