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☆☆☆The CRUNKEST App of the 2012☆☆☆ If your not ready for a booty shaking snowman, breakdancing elf, or Santa Claus doing Gangnam Style then this is NOT the app for you! However, if you are ready to take your gamin

THE #1 NEW WORD GAME Word Fall is a challenging, brain stimulating, super fun game for all ages! Race as fast as you can sto spell as many words as possible with your block full of letters. Every correct word will destroy those tiles and new ones wi

Your favorite childhood game is back and better than ever on the Mac App Store! Enjoy this classic word game in a retro hand drawn style just the way you used to play it! Includes over 2,500 words with more on the way! Do your best to decipher the hi

⚾ ⚾ ⚾ The #1 Arcade Baseball Game ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ Get your coins ready because classic arcade baseball has arrived on the Mac App Store! Warm up that pitching arm and take to the mound with Hot Shots Baseball. It's a race a

Win big or risk losing it all in one of the most classic casino games around! AppHappy Studios proudly presents the most authentic and exciting Slot Machine to ever be available on the Mac App Store! Fruit Slots brings all the action of a Vegas casin

Crush Beats presents a tasty new rhythm game that challenges you to follow the music while you crush sugary candies! Click to the beat, max your combo bar, and score major points! Welcome to Club Candy! BOUNCE TO THE BEAT Click to the rhythm and sma

Word Block is the most unique and challenging puzzle/word game of 2013! Rearrange the block of letters to spell as many words as possible! Advance as far as you can through the Classic game mode or try out our Blitz mode! Click and drag to swap the

✫ ✫ ✫ THE #1 ARCADE HOCKEY GAME ✫ ✫ ✫ Put on your pads and get your coins ready because classic arcade hockey has arrived on the Mac App Store! It's time to play Hot Shots Hockey! It's a race against the clo

Help Happy the Unicorn on a magical quest to find her way back from Candyland! Flappy Rainbow Unicorn is a high-speed hopping adventure that requires lightning fast reflexes to dodge candies and fly to freedom! Just click to flap Happy's wings and c

Colourific is the most visually striking reflex game ever to be released on the Mac App Store! It's time to put your mental and physical agility to the test! Click all of the white and black cubes and avoid the colored ones. The concept is simple b

☆☆☆ The new SMASH hit! ☆☆☆ It's absolute ant anarchy, a devestatingly delicious disaster, enough to send anyone into a picnic panic! Your delightful date has turned into a nasty nightmare thanks to some unwelcomed

It's time to win big as Vegas's oldest game arrives in very tasty style with Candy Slots! Get out your flashiest clothes and turn your computer into a full on casino! Raise your bank as high as possible one spin at a time. Three different betting lev

Experience an old-school arcade adventure with the all new brick breaking game Blast Ball! Prepare to have your mind blown with stunning special effects, fast-paced action, and enough power-ups to keep you playing for hours! One of the most addicti

☆☆☆ The #1 New Sports Game ☆☆☆ Get your coins ready because classic arcade basketball has arrived on the Mac App Store! Hot Shots Basketball is a race against the clock to shoot as many free throws as possible and

☆ ☆ ☆ Are you ready for the Dubstep Invasion? ☆ ☆ ☆ This is not your average arcade space shooter... In the year 1947, an alien craft was captured in Roswell, New Mexico by U.S. military officials. Publicly it was

Anagramz is the most brain bending, addicting, and exhillerating puzzle/word game of 2013! Rearrange the lettered tiles to find and spell out as many anagrams as possible! Advance as far as you can through the Classic game mode or try out our super i

☆☆☆ THE ONE AND ONLY DUBSTEP RHYTHM GAME ☆☆☆ Tap Beats brings you the classic rhythm game combined with the hottest trend in music today, Dubstep! The best tracks and the heaviest bass drops will shake your Mac an

Tap Beats presents the next installment of it's hit rhythm game combined with the some of the greatest classical masterpieces ever composed! We have included your favorite composers of all time; Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and more! Click or tap yours k

Tap Beats presents the next installment of it's hit rhythm game combined with the mother of all rock music, Heavy Metal! Equipped with more distortion, breakdowns, and guitar solos than you can handle! Tap to the beat, max your combo bar, and score i

Looking for some lightning fast fun that requires even faster reaction times?! Rocket Race is taking excitement to the next level in this 3D endless space racer! Hop on the intergalactic light speed highway and rush through oncoming traffic to esca

Is there anything more beautiful than the brilliantly colored petals of a freshly bloomed flower? With Flower Magic you can make art with those same vibrant colors that make spring time so magical! The easy to use Click-and-Draw system makes Flower

Santa is off the chain! Get down with your favorite holiday hero, Santa Claus! He is making a list, checking it twice, hes going to the club to bust a move tonight! Perfect for children who are looking for some extra holiday magic this year! Learn

☆☆☆The #1 Free Throw Basketball Game☆☆☆ Play the most realistic and exciting sports game to ever come to the Mac App Store in full 3D! Just click and flick your mouse to shoot the basketball and score the game win

WordFloat brings back your inner child with with bouncy, floaty balloons! Click on lettered balloons to spell words and keep your balloons from popping on the dangerous cacti below! You'll need to think fast and act even faster! Push your brain

Flappy Bat is a high flying adventure through a mystical forest! Flap your way through a maze of overgrown roots that have taken over your home! SIMPLE GAMEPLAY - Just click to flap! UNIQUELY GENERATED MAZES - Dodge dangerous giant roots that are al

Stack barrels up over the rainbow and beyond! Put your reflexes to the test in the tower building masterpiece of the year, Barrel Stacker! One-Click controls will keep you coming back for more addictive fun time after time.. 3D Graphics create an

✩ ✩ ✩ The #1 Arcade Football Game ✩ ✩ ✩ The #1 Field Goal kicking Football game has finally come to the Mac App Store! Play the most realistic and exciting sports game to ever come to a mobile device in full

Dash into the high speed adventure of the year! Your mission is to escape the digital world where Dubstep reins SUPREME! Use your mouse and arrow keys Jump, slide, and run your way past obstacles at increasingly dangerous speeds! Hair-pin turns req

It's time to have some easter fun with your favorite dancing rabbit! Get down with the Easter Bunny and some of the best dance moves you've ever seen! Jam out to your favorite genre and watch as he does the robot, Gangnam style and dozens of other da

*** 50% OFF SALE THROUGH THE 4TH OF JULY *** Tap Crush Fireworks is the most explosive Match 3 Puzzle Game ever made! Celebrate your independence, max out your combo bar, and unleash a dazzling display of color and light! Click any combination of 3