Applications by Andy-Drabble

SecretPictures is an application to hide your pictures or movies from prying eyes. The first time you run SecretPictures it will request that you enter a pass phrase twice. Do not forget this pass phrase as you will be unable to access your pictures

ProgramChange_For_GarageBand is an application which enables the full use of Soundfont files in GarageBand. By using Apple's inbuilt DLSMusicDevice sound generator, ProgramChange_For_GarageBand makes all the software instruments available within a S

MySecretDiary is an application to maintain an encrypted diary. A passphrase (of your choice) is required to gain access to the diary.

SecretBrowsing is a conventional Web Browser which functions without leaving history information behind which might inform family members and other users details of whatyou have been viewing. In addition, bookmarks are password protected so again, ot

MySecretFileVault is an application for the secure storage of files. A pass phrase (of your own choice) is required for access to the vault, and all entries are encrypted to ensure the privacy of your data. Any type of file (but not folders) may be a

Postcard Database stores details of your Postcard collection in a relational database. Supports searching on a number of criteria.

CollectablesApp is an application to store details of your collection. The database is customisable so you can use it to record details of any type of collection, be it Coins, Postcards or even your Wine Cellar. Any number of pictures may be stored f

MyStopMotion allows you to create a stop motion video using images from your digital camera. Once the photos are imported, you can save the video as a .mov file. MyStopMotion will work with any modern USB connected camera which stores it's images as

SlowMusic is an application for changing the tempo of a music track in real time without affecting the pitch. It is particularly useful when learning a new musical instrument.

PlantPlanner is an Application intended for Gardeners who wish to pre-plan there yearly activity. For each plant, any number of photos may be stored along with a description of the plant, together with a schedule of tasks required to grow the plant.

PersonalInventory allows you to maintain a database of all the valuables in your home. You can record the serial numbers of all your items and store scans of documentation such as receipts, for safe keeping.

Keyboards Live is an Application to enable the live performance of one or more music keyboards connected to an Apple Mac Computer. The keyboards may be connected via a MIDI port or directly via USB, for devices which support this. Sound synthesis is

SoundLoopCreator is an application for creating sound loops suitable for GarageBand or Logic etc. Loops may be musical or percussion depending on the Soundbank and Instrument selected. Notes are drawn on the screen using the mouse where they can subs

HideMyFiles is an application intended to provide a container for hidden files. HideMyFiles hides files from the Finder and also Spotlight Search using an easy to use drag and drop interface. The Application is password protected to ensure the priva

PictureSizer for Ebay is an application designed to simplify the sizing of pictures of items to be sold to eBay. Recent eBay changes put constraints on the pixel size of images for uploading. Drag your images into PictureSizer and you will be able to

MySecretVideoDiary is an application to maintain an encrypted video diary. A passphrase (of your choice) is required to gain access to the diary. An iSight camera is required to use the application.

MyCocktails is an application to store your collection of Cocktail recipes. As well as storing your own recipes, MyCocktails references many web based recipes which can individually be added to your personal Cocktail recipes. Full search facilities a

KitchenCookbook is an application to store your collection of Recipes. As well as storing your own recipes, KitchenCookbook references over 1000 web based recipes which can individually be added to your personal cookbook. Full search facilities are

PetsAlbum is an application to record important events about your pets life. Each event can contain any number of photos relating to that event along with file attachments containing text files , sound recordings, videos etc. Photos can be viewed in