Applications by Andrei-Sokolov

Online translator. Keyboard Shortcuts. Services : Google , Microsoft , Yandex , Promt , SDL . App have a button to save the translation to clipboard. Notes: Internet connection is required. To activate "TranslateQ", open System Preferences > Ke

You can enter a cheat code in game using single button on keyboard. Select "Bind". Example:key 1-"full armor",2-"all weapons",etc. Cheat codes for Doom 3 , Half-Life 2, GTA Series In addition : direct keys for copy/paste/hide/close directly in the

MyJoystick allows you to use gamepad buttons for Scripts ( AppleScript ) . This App will let you play any game or use any app with joysticks or gamepads. Note : Trial version exist. Try before you buy. Note : I repeat moron Cdromultraspeed , Gunu

MyAScript ● you can save and run AppleScripts on your Mac. ● run Terminal command on your Mac. ● keyboard shortcuts to activate scripts.

MySwitch - switching between running applications with keys F1 , F2 etc. ● Hide all of the other apps Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Keyboard. Select the “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys”

This app changes some physics and animation properties of the cars/weapons GTA series . You can change car Mass, Traction Multiplier, Max Velocity,etc. How it work-G.Edit support.

This program helps you find and replace/remove words in text. ● Data automatically saved in clipboard

MyController useful for Gamepads or Joysticks information. Testing/visualize . Compatible with USB and Bluetooth joysticks and gamepads. Mapping for games . Trial version is available on website .

MyFilters is a photo editor with many effects and filters . -Blurs an image . -Simulates the effect of zooming the camera while capturing the image. -Simulates a comic book. -Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation.

My Game Editor provides access to cheat codes . In addition this app changes some physics and animation properties of the cars/weapons in games . You can change car mass,max Velocity,etc. Games: ►GTA3 ►GTA Vice City ►GTA San An

Online translator. ●Keyboard Shortcuts. ●Just copy text (Automatic Clipboard Translation) . ●Services : Google , Microsoft , Yandex , Promt , SDL . ●PopClip extension . ●App have a button to save the translation to cli

TextRecorder captures all keyboard input on the computer – e.g. emails typed, login names,passwords, and all other textual input. Note: Enable access for Assistive Devices TextRecorder requires the ability to control your computer for it to