Applications by Andrei-Chirita

If you are looking for an app to record your Desktop in order to create a nice demo for your presentation, or you just want to share your experience on your computer, then this is the best application for you. You can record your desktop with a lot o

This application helps turn your Mac into a veritable night owl, keeping it from going to sleep for as long as you wish and helping you run applications for longer without suspending them. It has a fun, cartoonish interface that reacts to your settin

This is a new unit conversion app. The app contain measure units from different domains ( weight, volume, area, temperature and length) The app contains many international measure units. More units will come sooner with the next updates.

This app will record your last two copy action and you will be able to move them back into pasteboard using only one click. In this way you don't lose the information from copy command even if you copy another thing.

Even if OSx is a secure operating system it can become unsecured when you are starting to download files from internet. With this new app you can generate the md5 hash of a file to check if it is the same md5 provided by the source of download and it