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Alinof Timer is a very easy to use timer for your Mac. Just set the desired time using the mouse scroll and press «start». Once the time elapsed, a message with a sound alarm will be displayed on the screen. Nothing more simple ...

With the Alinof TimerPro, your time management will be more efficient than ever before! The Alinof TimerPro enables you to very easily and quickly set a countdown time, or to set an alarm time for when you want to be notified; it’s highly prac

Alinof Archives

16 days ago

Need an archiving system for bills, invoices, receipts, warranty cards, contracts or other scanned documents? Alinof Archives allows you to manage your important documents easily and find them instantly. Scan your invoices and receipts, find them in

Did it happen that you copy text from one document to another and having to reformat it? If the answer is yes, this app will be perfect for you! AS TextCleaner removes all formatting information of the text available in the clipboard so that you can

Alinof ToDoList is a small task management software for Mac very easy to use. It allows you to enter various data such as priority, percent complete, a to due date and of course some notes describing your task. You can also create various projects (g