Applications by Ahmed-Karim-The-AK

This Application is an outliner with a different view. In the outliner you can create outline that have details for each item. It can help in research or homework, or simply any project. The application supports changing the font for the whole docume

Want to keep track of your productivity? Want to know what you did and when did you do it? The task tracker is the app for you. Use the task tracker to know what you did, and when did you do it. The task tracker keeps track of your project and thier

Introducing My Media Collection - track which books you own, in a modern way. My Media Collection is the ultimate application for keeping track of the books you own - it’s your media library, consolidated at your fingertips. Add books - then v

This application is for all the dog lovers out there. The application describes the dog breeds of the world. The You can add notes to each dog, and when you change the dog selection the note will be saved.

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Iconify gives you the options to create icons for your iPhone, iPad and MAC OSX applications. 
Use Iconify to convert your image into a splash screen for your iOS application with the required szes. 
Resize your image into any custom siz