Applications by Aderstedt-Software-AB

A client for Sticky Brainstorming. Use it to send in virtual sticky notes to the session host running Sticky Brainstorming. N.B. This application cannot be used without the Sticky Brainstorming host application.

Collaboratory improves on the common brainstorming method where participants sit around a conference table and quietly write ideas on sticky notes. After a while the notes are collected and read out loud to everyone. They are then divided into catego

Economacs is a modern full-featured accounting and invoicing application for OS X. - Double-entry book-keeping with full VAT support. - Tightly integrated invoicing module, with more than 20 professionally designed invoice templates. - Complete set

Collaborative brainstorming using sticky notes is a method for holding productive meetings to collaboratively develop ideas. A session begins with participants taking a few moments to write ideas on sticky notes. These notes are then categorized and

Are you stuck manually counting the number of cells in microscopy images? Seeing as this is the most boring activity known to man, shouldn't the computer be doing it for you? Cellcounter counts the number of cells in an image. It uses the cell size