Applications by Active-Software

Personal Finance is a program with many parts, each one helps you to better handle your money. It allows you to take care of revenues and expenditures, securities portfolio, budget calculations, currencies, financial calculations. * Revenue & Expen

Personal Fitness is the software which allows to follow your own, or other's, sporting activities. All your performances, or the ones of your team, can be recorded. By keeping track of personal data, like weight and height and performances, tables

*** You can download the trial version from our web site. *** Suitable for clubs, parties, fitness clubs, gyms, tennis clubs, golf clubs, Rotary or Lions or other clubs, parishes and for any club that has the need to manage their members and / or th

Wether you have just one car or a fleet of cars, you will be able to trace costs and expenses for all of them! Not only: you can also compare the features of different models before a purchase. For each vehicle you can enter a list of costs (fuel, r

Personal Mails allows you to handle what is necessary to send mails / emails in bulk form, also in html (created with an external program), including images. Personal Mails includes an Address book, used to store names, print labels, envelopes and u

PersonalBusiness is a software solution for managing personal and family affairs. PersonalBusiness helps and simplifies everyday life: manages the family budget, stores (and retrieves) documents - receipts, warranties - manages car costs,- is an a

Personal Media is a simple tool, divided in various parts, which allows you to keep track of all your books, movies, music, Internet links and documents, both text or files. The Movies part is used for the purpose of storing your collection of DVDs

My Health stores your health data: medical, clinical, everything is always on hand and readily available. Calculate: Your entry can be reworked to provide important information such as, for example, BMI (body mass index) or to provide a useful warni