Applications by Abdulqadir-Rashik

Tessa extracts text from your image or pdf documents, processing each page multiple times, to optimise recognition, so that the time you spend in proofreading and correcting mistakes is minimised. The editing tools available in the app allow you to

Instantane helps you store your memories as beautiful printed collages. We understand that collages are meant for collecting memories as printable keepsakes and not just for online sharing, so Instantane allows you to create a collage correctly size

Easily create shareable maps to plan your next event or trip. Ahoy map maker allows you to draw over any map area to mark points of interest, show paths and directions or highlight areas, which can then be exported as an image file for sharing with

The simple and lightweight solution for building and sharing your family tree. My Family Tree simplifies family tree creation to its basics. Add people and link them together to map out your family tree. With its focus on simplicity and ease of us

Screencast maker allows you to make simple screencasts of your entire a screen or a portion of it. Features: - Record the entire screen or select a portion of the screen to record - Turn on webcam to record your narration, please note that this wil

Speedible is speed reading for your ears. Speedible allows you to control the playback speed of your audio files while maintaining its pitch so that playback still sounds normal. Translators and transcription professionals can use Speedible to adju

PDF Page Clipper allows you to selectively pick pages from a PDF document and save them as a new PDF. Ever wanted to forward just that one page from a business report to a colleague, or a relevant page from a multipage PDF to a friend? Using a simp

Puppetry converts your movie files into animated gifs Use puppetry to convert any part of your movie file into an animated gif. Control the speed of your gifs and crop the movie to include only the portion of the frame that you wish to focus on. P

Scan documents from images into a crisp black and white file Crisper Document Scanner enables you to extract documents from images with proper perspective correction so that you have a simple black and white "scanned" image. The images you scan are

Track daily changes in your weight and store related pics to view your progress over time. Weight N Watch is a daily weight tracker which focusses on allowing you to easily view how your weight has progressed over time. The generated charts give a

Use Detexif to easily view exif and other metadata stored in your photos Detexif combines information stored in the exif and metadata for your images to show you the most important settings that affect your shot while at the same time ignoring data

Simplify your invoicing needs with this lightweight invoicing app Factura Invoice is a simple and lightweight invoicing app which lets you focus on your business instead of having to wrangle with complicated billing solutions. As you enter items an