Applications by Aaron-Smith

Mouse Warp is a wrist saver for users with multiple displays. It moves your cursor back and forth between displays depending on the active application, and which display it's on. *cmd+tab will warp the mouse to another display if the selected appli

MicroAC is a simple to use yet powerful, streamlined OS X batch audio converter designed to help you convert Core Audio compatible formats. MicroAC gives you control for how many files to concurrently convert - convert a few or a ton at the same tim

Hot Shots is a great way to browse artwork and designs from amazing designers and developers on Features: -Vertical & Horizontal layouts -Quick-Look support -Everyone's shots -Popular shots -Debut shots -Shots of players you're follow

Hot Shots 2! is an even better way to browse Dribbble shots from amazing designers and developers on It's been updated to use the new Dribbble API - you can like shots, follow players, and browse shots of a player. Login with your Drib