Applications by ARDEVTEK-YAZILIM

Ballancy is a very interesting balance and gravity game. The main goal of the game is reach the maximum score Use your finger to move left to right to keep a ball on the platform, The same finger movement also controls another platform. Do not drop

In Abcar Race, you can race in city traffic at extremely speed by upgrading engine, tire, armor and repair kit *Do not forget to use NOS when you see the empty road :) *Avoid crashing to preserve your health *12 Achievements *RC Mode *AIR

Protect your aircraft from other aircrafts and balloons. In order to get more points, collect coins, go as far as possible and destroy every enemy units. Avoid your aircraft crashing to rotating platforms and fire. Do not forget to upgrade your gu

Pressing left or right arrow to move the ball and try to escape from the black block. - Test your skill and patience - More fun is waiting for you Good Luck!

Every part of city is invaded by zombies… Selecting one of the heroes awaiting you, you should make the entire city free from these zombies. You should go ahead as much as possible so that you may kill more zombies, sometimes you may need to