Applications by ACT-Productions

With Brightness Slider you can adjust screen brightness from the menu bar, just like the sound menu provided by Apple, and with improved control over the dimming process. Using a keyboard with no brightness keys? Tired of low brightness levels wh

Count the words and characters of any text quickly and with extreme flexibility! This is the perfect app for counting regular words and characters, but it also supports a simple yet powerful rule editor so you can, for instance, count paragraphs or s

Clockwise is a minimalist and easy-to-use status bar application that stays out of your way while triggering all sorts of useful actions and alerts. "Nifty and Useful" — MakeUseOf "Clockwise Makes Automating Tasks on Your Mac Simple" —

A specialized utility for random password generation. This application can generate an unlimitted number of passwords according to the user's specifications. You can define the total number of passwords and the number of characters per password. You

With Actuator you can make your computer perform AppleScript files, Automator workflows or any executable file remotely using your email. ‣ How does it work? First: Add scripts to Actuator's scripts folder. Only scripts in this folder can be

The simplest and quickest way to manage repeated elements in any text. RepCheck can work in multiple ways with any text witch is composed of list elements, separated by a character (enter, space, tab, or anything else). Elements can be emails, names

Connected is a simple and easy to use app that provides notifications whenever your computer gains or loses connection to the internet. It can also monitor the status of any number of hosts (by pinging them at regular intervals) and provide notifica