Applications for the getting things done (GTD) market have exploded these past few months, with hundreds of applications popping up for the Mac and iOS alike. However, there is yet to be an application that works so well simultaneously on both your Mac and your mobile device. That's where we can introduce you to Wunderlist, an app that works great at keeping you organized on your Mac, and is even more efficient if you install the iOS app as-well. The best thing about Wunderlist, is it is completely free.


After downloading Wunderlist from the Mac App Store, a window will prompt your some basic information. In this case, all that is needed is your email and password so that you can use the same Wunderlist account on several devices. As soon as this is done you are ready to get going and set up your to-do list. Greeting window on Wunderlist for Registration


When you open Wunderlist, there are several pre-set notifications which will help you to get to grips with using the app, as well as several hotkeys that are used by Wunderlist. To begin using Wunderlist, simply start typing in the text box towards the top of the window and hit enter once you have created your task. There are now several options to customize your created item. There is an option to set it as a favourite, by marking it as important. You also have the choice to set a deadline for the task to be completed by. This is done through a neat little calendar that pops up once you have decided that the task needs a deadline. Set deadlines for certain tasks and mark as important The taskbar along the bottom of the window has several important features which include display options for certain types of task. From here you can apply filters to your task list so that finding certain tasks is easier and more efficient. There is also an option to change the background image from the default wooden look. The option to create lists means that you can gather all of your tasks depending on their nature. Anything from a shopping list, to all the pieces of work you have to complete this week, creating a list means that you can find what you want easily, without having other tasks cluttering up your list. Sort your tasks into lists in the sidebarTo further customize your notes and tasks, you can add sticky notes to them. These great looking notes allow you to add more detailed information to your tasks, so that as much detail as needed can be stored about each list and item.


Sharing your content has become an ever more integrated part of any modern Mac application. The ability to share your lists means that collaboration for certain projects can easily be achieved and completed quicker. You can simply share your list on facebook, or twitter, or any other social networking site, as well as having the option to email it to your friends. Cloud App support which we reviewed last month has also been integrated into the application for easier, faster, and more secure uploading to the web. Though if its a hard copy you are after, a simple click of the printer icon and your list is ready to go.

It's Portable

On top of the great features we have mentioned for the Mac version of Wunderlist, there are also versions available to download and install for iPad, iPhone and Android. This means you can have access to your most important lists and tasks wherever you go. Simply click the green sync button when using the Mac version of the application to synchronize you Mac's list to your mobile device. Wunderlist is supported by a number of different platforms


Even if Wunderlist was not free, it would be well worth the money spent. With its great looks, efficiency and interface, whats not to love. But the fact that all of these great features are completely free of charge makes this app well worth a try.