Having to shut down your Mac after downloading a file or watching a film can be a real pain sometimes, especially if downloading the file is keeping you up all night. Thats where Shuttie for Mac can really help you out. Simply tell it how long to wait before either shutting down or restarting and there is nothing else to worry about. Shuttie also has the ability to display a custom message, run a script, go to sleep, or log out, all using the same countdown system. When loading up Shuttie, you are presented with a few options each embedded in their own tab. You can either shutdown, restart, sleep, logout, run an AppleScript or create an alert. Initially designed as purely an application to shut your Mac down, other options have been added since its initial launch, including the ability to run a script. Although there are many other similar applications that do the same thing, Shuttie looks great with its great looking clean wooden theme and and has more adaptability than other applications. Choose between the different shutdown options then decide on the countdown time[/caption] To get started simply choose the mode you would like and then how long Shuttie should wait before carrying out that action. With the addition of allowing custom scripts as mentioned earlier, the possibilities of how you can use Shuttie are endless. After setting the action and timer, click the "Activate" button to set things in motion. (You can cancel the countdown at anytime by clicking the deactivate button which appears after clicking the activate button).As well as displaying timer in the main application window, it is also visible in the dock on top of the Shuttie icon which gives you quick and easy way to see how long is left. You can type in a custom message and have it displayed as an alert when the timer runs out

Competition: Winners Announced

Congratulations to:

  • Juanohartley
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Who have won themselves a full copy of Shuttie for Mac. Thanks for entering and keep a look out for more competitions on Mac Genius soon.

Entering to win your very own copy of Shuttie is really simple, all you have to do is click the link below and send out the resulting tweet (or just copy and paste), then leave a comment below with a link to your tweet. That’s it!

  Thanks for entering and I wish you all Good Luck! The competition will close in one week from now which will be Saturday 22nd October at midnight.