Note taking apps for Mac OS X have really taken off this past year. iClip, Quick Note and Nottingham are to name but a few, but what none of these note-taking applications possess is a Menu Bar application that is dedicated to creating, sorting and searching through your notes. Scrawl is a great little Menu Bar application that lets you do just that. Simply leave it running, and when you need to record something, click on the Scrawl icon in the Menu Bar. The developers of Scrawl have kindly agreed to giveaway 5 copies of their app to readers of Mac Genius, if you would like to enter, you can find the competition after the review.

Creating a New Note

After downloading Scrawl it can be opened by clicking the "pencil" icon in your Menu Bar at the top of your screen. Having created no notes, at this stage the window which pops up will be pretty empty of course. Scrawl tidily sits in your Menu BarThere are three buttons available when using Scrawl, + - and Quit, intuitively the "+" button lets you create a new note.Creating a new note is quick and simple From here you can type or paste in what ever takes your fancy. Because the Scrawl popup window is quite small as it is a Menu Bar application, once the borders of the window are filled, a scroll bar will appear and you are able to scroll though the rest of the note. Scrawl uses a monochrome scale in its design and lets the colour of your wallpaper or open window show thorough which gives a real sense of integration with the app you are currently using. This makes Scrawl feel like an add-on more than a stand alone application, but this is what Menu Bar Apps essentially are designed to do, and with Scrawl this tends to work rather well. See all of your notes as a list After creating more and more notes, you can imagine how some may become lost and never found inside the small window (Note: The size of the window is exactly as you see it in your browser, assuming you are not zoomed in/out or using a mobile platform). Using the search feature can help you find lost notes, or find all notes about a similar topic. Search though you notes using the search functionality of Scrawl


Scrawl offers a great way to quickly record small snippets of text and links for easy access later on. With a sleek interface and intuitive buttons, Scrawl minimises the space it needs to take up, creating a great way to take notes on your Mac. The best news is that you can get your very own copy of Scrawl right here for absolutely free!


The competition is now closed, thanks to all the entrants!

Entering to win your very own copy of Scrawl is really simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Click the link below and send out the resulting tweet (or just copy and paste).
  2. Then leave a comment below with a link to your tweet. That’s it!

  As always, good luck to everyone who enters, and the competition will close in one week from now which will be Friday 2nd December at midnight.