Getting up on time in the mornings can be difficult for most of, even on the best of days. Not enough sleep? Too much work the previous night? Well, with Wake Up Time you are sure to be back up bright and early with a great alarm clock for your Mac. Although an actual alarm clock, or even an app on your iPhone may be more practical in this situation, having one on your Mac can also have its benefits. Wake Up Time provides an easy way for you to track the time and day of week as well as setting alarms.


I wish the application looked more like the icon, however having said that, it still has a modern feel, with a vibrant blue display set on a wooden background with easily accessible options and buttons when needed.Realistic Looking Clock Display When first loading up Wake Up Time, you will see the large time display window, as well as the day of the week. By default there is no alarm set but this is easily changed in the next step.

Setting The Alarm

To set the alarm, drag out the right hand portion of the clock window, and an extra set of options will appear. In this panel the time of the alarm, the sound produced (more sounds are available in the paid version, but the free version which we are reviewing has all you could really want, unless you feel the need to play an iTunes song to your self when you wake up!) and the volume and fade of the sound can be adjusted. Set the Alarm and Configure its Options Once this is done, thats it, the alarm is set. Make sure the button on the lower left section of the screen is lit up which indicates that the alarm is on. This same button is very confusing at first glance, but its use becomes obvious after setting your first alarm.


With a customisable snooze time, adjustable alarm settings a 24-hour mode, Wake Up Time allows you to set alarms on your Mac without having to leave your desk, all whilst looking great as well. For a free application it is one of the best alarms, although multiple alarms and an icon in the Menu Bar would improve its functionality greatly, and the large number of pop-up advertisements for other applications can sometimes get annoying. But overall a solid application for getting you out of bed when you really don't want to, especially with the utterly deafening digital tone produced!