Twitterrific 4 for Mac by the icon factory is a really clean, and simple application that lets you both read, and publish your tweets to Twitter's well known community website. The application has a clean user interface, which is very concise and designed to take up a minimum of space on your Mac's desktop, as well as not straining your computers processor too much.The sidebar and toolbar are both collapsible The way in which you go about tweeting is very much the same as on Twitter's website. A simple drag and drop system is used, with nice icons that fade in when you hover over certain areas of the app. For example, when you hover over a current tweet, a reply icon fades in over the tweet to give you a quick and easy way in which to write your response. Open multiple windows to keep up with multiple accounts At the moment, there are two versions available. Either you can use the ad-supported version indefinitely free, or go that extra mile and pay to upgrade to an ad-free format. Both have the same features as expected, there are no cutbacks to the free version, though the ads can get rather annoying when all you are really trying to do is simply make a new tweet. Choose between a light and dark theme Looking more deeply into the applications functions, we can see that much of the design is taken from the iOS version loved by thousands on the iPhone at the moment. There is also a bit of iPad functionality  introduced into the application as-well. If you click on an avatar, you are presented with iOS styled popup that allows you to view a friend’s profile, perform actions, and enable users to quickly view their timeline. A really neat feature that adds even more credibility to this otherwise basic and no-frills application.