Finding yourself cooking from instructions straight from your Mac is a common occurrence for many of us nowadays. With easy to access recipes and a plethora of information on how to cook them, the internet is a great place to look for easy to cook meals and quick snacks, whilst utilising the spare ingredients in your fridge. The Photo Cookbook takes this process to the next level by providing detailed interactive ingredient lists, clear images for each step whilst cooking, and a great quality photograph of the final dish making it really easy to decide what to cook. With 240 recipes and over 2,000 photos, The Photo Cookbook makes deciding what to cook so much easier.


There are four areas into which all of the dishes are categorised, Quick & Easy, Italian, Asian and Baking. These four tabs sit along the top of the window much like the tabs in your browser allowing for quick navigation between each category. You can also see an overview of all available recipes with The Photo Cookbook, as well as using the search feature for finding specific recipes. In the section below the navigation bar, the ingredients, cooking instructions and food gallery is displayed, depending on what stage of the cooking you are at. Taking a look at all the different recipes available

Choosing a Meal

After deciding on a category of food you wish to choose from, its time to choose whether you want to cook meat, fish, a vegetarian dish, or a dessert. Each item of food is clearly labeled with a beautifully taken photograph and a short and simple title.

Getting the Ingredients

To choose your meal, simply click on it and the ingredients needed to make it will pop up as a full-window sized photograph. Selecting the different items in the image will provide more useful information on the ingredient such as its culinary significance, its full name (and equivalent Latin name) as well as a detailed description of the item.A photo of the required ingredients is available as well as a written listIn the upper left hand corner a full list of the items needed is displayed along with the amount/volume needed for each ingredient. This combined with the visual layout of all the ingredients needed, provides a great way to discover what you need to cook the dish.

Following the Instructions

After this the process is really quite simple, the hardest part is deciding what you want to eat. Each dish has a great sequence of step by step guides on preparation, cooking and presentation. Follow the instructions to create the perfect dish


The Photo Cookbook provides enthusiastic cooks, be it a novice or a culinary whizz with a great source of recipes to try and cook at home. If you find yourself sometimes looking up recipes on the web, then The Photo Cookbook can inspire you to create some new and wonderful tasting dishes. Have fun cooking!