Getting things done is important, and applications that help you complete your tasks are growing considerably stronger every day, with an important array of functionalities. Finding the right one for you is hard and can take a while, a very long while if you try each and every one of them. Chances are, that while you are reading this, you are diverting your thoughts to Things from Cultured Code which is gaining quite some popularity in this category. Well, TaskPaper is very different from its competitors, and if you are on the market to find a different approach to Things, or Om‚Äčnifocus, look no further, because TaskPaper may be just what you are looking for. Hogbaysoftware have succeeded to build an app aiming to simplify the way we keep our notes or projects organized, with the much loved simplicity of a text edit interface.


Let’s start with the beginning, after you downloaded the app and opened it, you are greeted with a simple manual to fully understand how it works and how to keep everything rolling smoothly. The simple interface makes it easy to view everything you entered and to navigate quickly. Most GTD (Getting Things Done) apps use a sidebar to navigate, here all you need is the toolbar which shows only what is needed, when it is needed. Upon opening TaskPaper you are greeted with a summary of the main features

The Power of Simplicity

The simplicity of TaskPaper can throw you off at first, but once you understand how it works all you need to know to start organizing your projects or notes are a few simple tips:

  • To create a task, type a line starting with a dash followed by a space.
  • To create a project, type a line ending with a colon.
  • Any line that isn't a task or project is a note.
  • To create a tag, type '@' followed by a name anywhere in a project, task, or note.

Creating a task is really simple, you just have to type a line with a dash followed by a space and you are all set, then its up to you what to note down, be it that you are creating a new list, or making a note of some jobs you have yet to finish. Once you have accomplished your task, simply click on its dash and a "@done" tag will be added, so you can quickly see what tasks you have, and haven't finished. Creating a project or note is just as simple, but this process just uses a slightly different syntax to a task. Both of these simple features, combined with to the search function, makes everything a lot easier and quicker, especially if like me you have lots of notes added to your projects and tasks. The search feature looks within the notes for matching text The power of this app resides in the small things that make it so useful. For example, the “Quick Entry” option which can be activated with a keyboard shortcut makes entering new notes, tasks or projects a breeze while browsing on Safari or checking new songs in the iTunes Store without having to go back to your TaskPaper window and interupt your workflow. Hogbaysoftware have also released a TaskPaper (for iOS 3.0 and above at $9.99) allowing you to keep on top of the things you still have to complete when away from your desktop, as well as allowing the ability to check off tasks you complete on the go. An overview of creating a new task with the text box shown on the right


You will feel right at home with TaskPaper from the start, it is so simple that you know you won’t get headaches trying to make it work correctly, or have set up a huge list of preferences before the first use. TaskPaper is available at $29.99/£17.99 in the Mac App Store, and comparing this price to other similar products on the market, OmniFocus is priced at $79.99/£44.99 and Things at $49.99/£29.99. TaskPaper one of the best bang for your buck in the Get Things Done category, especially if you are on budget and need a feature packed app, it is well worth a try. Maybe you will become a lover of its simplicity and power.