Some tasks they you perform on your Mac require lengthy periods of time to finish, sometime during these tasks you leave you Mac and then come back when it should have been done, only to find out that your computer has gone to sleep and the process has to be started all over again. Caffeine for Mac is a really useful tool when using your Mac which helps to combat this problem. It is designed primarily for the Macbook in mind, and is a little application that sits in your Menu Bar which quickly enables you to choose whether you want your Mac to go to sleep or not.

What Can Caffeine Do?

The sleep function on OS X is really something that cannot be lived without if you want to use your laptops battery conservatively, and if used correctly can save you hours of working time per charge. But the dimming screen and sleep mode can be somewhat annoying when trying to watch a video for instance, or performing other tasks for which you will not need to move the mouse for longer periods of time. A Bunch of Preferences available in Caffeine

It is possible to go through OS X's system preferences every time you want to the screen to dim or not, but this can be very time consuming, and at the very least, annoying.

The Left Icon shown here is the Caffeine Menu Bar Application OS X’s sleep function is something I couldn’t live without. The Mac’s aggressive form of power management has saved me hours upon hours of working time, where I otherwise would simply be without a functioning MacBook. This is because there is an absence of available power plugs where I roam, and I’m sure I’m not the only Mac user who’s in this situation.Choose a preset activation time instead of disabling manuallyThis is where Caffeine comes in. Caffeine is an unobtrusive menu-bar item which functions just as advertised. Simply click the icon once, and an overlaid cross-section of a cup of coffee should appear, disabling sleep. The item can then easily be clicked again in order to re-enable it. A very simple solution to a widespread problem.


Caffeine is really as simple as it comes, a small "applet" which sits in your MenuBar, waiting patiently until it is needed. With a simple toggle switch, novel graphics and a reputation of reliability that is outshone by none, Caffeine provides a simple to solution to the age old problem of a sleepy Mac.