There was a time when the only video converter on my Mac that I would touch would be VLC. This was because of the inordinate amount of file types it can deal with and the great quality of the final file produced. However, Smart Converter by ShedWorx is offering a simple to use, quick and efficient new way to convert videos on your Mac. By analyzing the video file type before converting the file, as well as intelligently choosing the needed output format, it can speed up the conversion process by as much as 20 times. In some cases it only converts the sound, or the video components of the file in order to increase the conversion speed, and it manages to do all this with a welcoming simple layout and easy to use interface.

What File Type?

It really does not matter what the initial file type is, the simple drag and drop interface allows you to choose a video file and drag it into the Smart Converter window. From there, instead of looking up what video type you need to convert it into for your device, it helpfully lists the most used devices for you to choose. Drag & Drop the video file to be converted into the Smart Converter window The larger icons show Apple TV, iPad, iPhone & iPod (which use the same file format), Android Tablet, Android Phone, as well as the option to convert the file into and audio only format for listening to in iTunes. If the device you want to transfer the video to is not in this list, don't fret, there is an extra menu towards the right hand side of the window which offers lots more options. Lots of devices supported to convert the video file for Once you have made the decision for which file to convert, and what device you would like watch it on once its been converted, simply hit the convert button and sit back. Because of the way Smart Converter works, sometimes you may have to wait a few seconds, and other several minutes, depending on the similarities between the initial and final file type, as well as of course the length and quality of the video. The time taken to convert the file can range from a few seconds to a few minutes There are a large number of files supported, but some combinations in the current version may unexpectedly produce a 4k file which does not contain the video file as expected. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update.


Despite the odd failure to convert in the current version, Smart Converter makes a great step forward in making converting videos simpler, especially with the massive amount of different file types available. The final video will certainly always be of a great quality because of the way Smart Converter works, and with a Pro version in the making, more file conversion options should become available, as well as the option for queueing conversions, making the whole application more adaptable to different circumstances. At the moment, Smart Converter is free and available from the Mac App Store, and will certainly make a great addition to the applications on your Mac.