Many of us have taken a great looking photo at some point and thought, that would look great as a painting. Some of us may have even attempted to paint it ourselves, but one way of creating a stunning masterpiece from a photograph is to change its appearance digitally. Although it may not look as authentic as an original painting would, there are some great applications out there which will let you turn that photo you like into a sketch, or even a painting at the click of a button. That is exactly what Sketcher is built to do, turn your digital photographs into creative works of art, be it an oil painting, a monochrome sketch, or a watercolor.


You are only ever going to use two windows in Sketcher, the main preview window, and the parameters panel. The preview windows contains what you would expect really, a full-sized preview of the photo or image that you are currently working with, whereas the paramaters panel contains all the sliders and options that are needed to edit the look of your photo.The main preview window here contains the boat, while the parameters window sits to the right


Sketcher has four main filters that can be applied, with a couple of extra ones which try to combine some of the other effects together. Although there are not a great deal of filters available, once you have selected a filter to apply, there are more options to tweak each aspect of the filter so the final image can be the way you imagined it to be. An image of a cat using the pencil filter The filters available are:

  • Pencil effect turns the photo into the monochromatic pencil drawing. There are few params available, so you can adjust the edges, pencil width etc.
  • Watercolor is the top-class watercolor effect implementation that we are proud of. It results unique and quality results with a simple click. By default, the filter is set up to show the most precise watercolor, however, you van vary the params to render the effect in an “amateur” mode.
  • Pastel represents the pastel filter, you can adjust the quality, strokes and edges work.
  • Oil is the oil painting filter. It’s pretty close to the pastel in parameter although the results are different.
  • Paint Blend and Water Mix are a bit abstract filters that combine few others in one.

Each of the above filters also contains a texturize and a pencil option, which changes the look of your photo again. You can view more examples from photos edited on Sketcher at the Neatberry Sketcher Gallery


Sketcher is a very simple application, hence the relatively short review, and feels as though that the options available here should just be one part of the sketcher application.There is also a small issue with the depreciating effects of the filters as the size of the image your are using increases. However, having said this, the features that it does offer are carried out very well, and at a low price. Sketcher provides a quick, user friendly experience to add realistic artistic effects to your photos and have a bit of fun at the same time.