Accessing the files you use on your Mac is most often  done through either the Finder or stacks from the dock. SideFolders offers another great way to make using your Mac more efficient by giving a third way to easily browse and open your documents. A simple pop-out menu from the side of your screen can help you manage and easily open files you are working with, as well as let you view your most recent files, downloads and documents alike. SideFolders can help you save time when working with apps on your Mac, especially the ones you like to use fullscreen.


After the incredibly easy installation from the Mac App Store, the menu is instantly ready to go. By default, it sticks to the left hand side of you screen, but is easily changed to the right, which I think feels more natural (and also makes it feel less like the windows start menu!). A glossy, slightly transparent black bar surrounds the menu which goes well with any theme you may currently on your Mac. The main sections in the menu are:

  • Downloads
  • Recent Items
  • Connected Devices
  • Shared Documents
  • and Places, such as your Desktop or Applications folder.

As well as these default menus, you can create your own file system right in the sidebar, edit file and folder names and open files with specific applications. The SideFolders window here is set to appear from the right side of the screen

Drag & Drop

As with many applications for Mac, there is none of that silly copy and paste hot-key business, just simply drag and drop the items you want to and from the folders present on the sidebar. This is especially useful when using iPhoto for example, when you can no longer see the desktop behind the open window, just simply drag the file to the edge of the screen and the menu will pop-out letting you place it in a folder or your choice (including the desktop).


If you feel that the menu opens or closes to fast, in the preferences pane of the application, you can change the response time for each of these actions. On top of this, there is the option of hiding specific folders and files from the sidebar if they are no longer needed. Choose which files and folders are shown in the menu


SideFolders can really boost your productivity, with easy access to recently used and downloaded files, as well as being able to act as a second desktop, it makes working with several applications at once a lot easier. With a customized layout and only the documents you work with the most, SideFolders is sure to increase your productivity on your Mac.