SEORanky is a utility released for Mac that tracks your website rank on the web by taking results from a number of different sources. This review will look at the features of SEORanky, the interface and how accurate it is at displaying your current ranking on the web.

For starters, when the application is loaded, SEORanky will prompt you to add a website. The interface here is very similar to the options you sometimes find in system preferences, with the small "+" and "-" signs letting you add and remove sites at your own disposal. To get yourself started, clicking on the "+" key will allow you to enter a name for your chosen website (which can literally be any website there is, not just your own) along with the domain name. As soon as you have done this the results from various sources will come flooding in and populate the website profile page.

Enter the site details The example we will use will be google as this can let us show off the features of SEORanky the best. There are 4 areas to the app that we are interested in, these are the number of pages indexed, the rank of your website, the number of backlinks from different services, and also the keyword selector. The first of these, the number of indexed pages, gathers data from Google, Yahoo and Bing, the three most prolific search engines at this moment in time. We can see that Google has indexed 569 million pages about itself, which is rather a lot. The average user will have nothing like this number, but the results will be just as useful. Then there is the ranking section. This displays your Google PageRank as well as data from Alexa and Compete, the best values being obtained by Google, receiving a PageRank of 10/10 and also ranking 1st out of all sites on the web for volume of traffic (as expected).

Showing the Ranking Results for The number of other pages linking to the selected site is also displayed, showing the backlinks counted from Google, Yahoo and MajesticSEO. This can provide you with another measure of how popular your site is becoming. Finally there is the keyword section. Here you can select as many keywords as you like to track for a specific site, as see where that site ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEORanky lets you access a lot of data in a shorter space of time, by letting you see it all in one place, rather than having to login to several different web services online, or open bookmarked pages. Overall, the app could do with a little colour here and there, as the monotonous grey can get a bit dull at times. Also, the results tracked are sometimes not 100% accurate (when testing Macbook for, the result for search engine ranking was "not in top 100"). Although slightly annoying, this tends to be a feature of any ranking tool you see today. Also, with historical data tracking for your ranks and positions looking to be included in the next update, as well as the ability to produce reports, with a little sprucing up of the interface this really could be an app you will use on a daily basis to save you time.