The essential ingredient to any kind of party is some form of music, but how do you go about choosing the songs to play? Making a playlist before-hand is one option, but an even better plan would be to let the guests choose their own music to play so everyone can enjoy a song or two that they like. iTunes can let you do this to some degree, but if you want a better laid out interface as well as a visual representation of the songs which are coming up, Records can fill the gap. It allows you to easily set up and modify a playlist of songs using a simple drag and drop interface, using vinyls as a visual representation for the songs that will be playing.


The main window consists of a toolbar section at the top, available tracks and albums to play in the centre section and the upcoming songs arranged along the bottom. You can view the songs either by album, artist or playlist The toolbar at the top lets you select whether to view songs by artist, album, playlist or podcast, it also allows you to search for a specific song, album or artist using the built in search bar. In the centre section you can find and browse through all of your music that you would find in iTunes. There is no need to import your music as Records just refers to your iTunes library and plays the song file from within the iTunes library folder. This saves a lot of time when using Records for the first time, let alone the space on your hard drive. The basic player controls are also found below the playlist section, so if you want to quickly skip to the next track or pause the song briefly this is possible through Records, rather than having to open up iTunes.

Creating a Playlist

Once you have selected how you would prefer to view the songs, you can simply drag and drop the album or song into the playlist at the bottom of the window. You can insert songs at the beginning or at the end and anywhere in between, just drag the song and let go in the position you would like it to play. If you can't find the song that you want to add to the playlist, simple use the search bar, here we have searched for "The Killers" and chosen to display the results by album. As you can see it has successfully found all the albums that have "The Killers" in. The search feature is updated similar to that of Google instant search, where as soon as you type in a letter Records begins to narrow down the results using a funky looking animation. Search for any song, album or artist There is also the option to view the application full screen. If you are using Lion, simply click the fullscreen icon in the upper right hand of the window and fill your Mac's screen with an abundance of music for your guests to choose from. You can view Records in fullscreen mode This has the benefit that your guests won't unexpectedly open up any other applications on your Mac which may inadvertently stop the music from playing.


Records is a great looking app with some beautiful looking icons, making browsing and choosing songs to play that little bit more novel. If you tend to listen to your music through iTunes and do not have a paid subscription to Spotify, Records is well worth a look at and could help make that next party or gathering slightly more enjoyable.