Radium is a small unobtrusive app which can stream a radio station from its massive database to your Mac. The songs play in the background without disturbing your workflow and all from one window, you can access these thousands of radio stations.

Radium really is the most simple solution we have seen to streaming your favourite radio station. As any other OS X app it is installed with one simple click, and works right "out of the box". When you launch Radium, it puts a small icon in the status area in the menu bar in the upper right of your screen along with your Wi-Fi connection, sound, time and date. The menu quickly opened and there is an option to add radio stations. This is really easy to manage and you can get to listening to music straight away. Radium installs automatically with a list of thousands of stations (including Sirius/XM, digitally imported, and even subscription services) Choose from thousands of radio stations to listen to Although the quantity of stations is massive this does not make any of them inaccessible. The search function works like that of Spotlight, and the lists generated can be filtered by the stations by name, genre or frequency. The radio controls are simple to use, just the basics, and you can also add radio stations to your favourites list making them more easily accessible.

The playback sound quality is very promising so far, the higher quality radio stations even have a better kbps than iTunes songs after downloaded, so as long as your connection speed is up to the job. But in case not, you can easily choose another radio station or quality setting.

There is also added connectivity with Growl which is a bonus, overall a great radio app and almost a replacement for Spotify if you get bored of your playlists.