Quick Note for Mac is a great little utility that builds upon the features provided in the Stickies application provided with Mac OS X. There are many new features that certainly make organising and searching your noted a lot easier. The app is primarily designed for lightweight note taking and reminders. The layout is very neat, and the notes you have made sit in a handy collapsable window on the right hand side of the application. Through this window, you can view you current note, see your most recent notes, and when they were updated of made, and also search through all of your notes at once in case you can not find a certain note you made earlier. Browse and search for your notes with the sidebar There are several options with what you would like to do with the note once it is made. Apart from it automatically saving, you can also e-mail it, export your note to other apps on your Mac, and also print your note. There is promised integration with Diigo, Dropbox, box.net, Google Docs and Evernote, so you will be able to access the notes you make through Quick Note anywhere, which will be a handy add-on.

As well as these features, there is also support for an integrated spell-checker and font editor to emphasise the notes that matter most to you. Overall a very productive application that is far superior to Stickies that comes with your Mac to start off with.