Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition for Mac is a remake of the original game which was previously made specifically for portable devices such as the iPhone. However, this update from the Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team brings the game to play right on your Mac, bringing with it, the addictive gameplay that so many people loved. When the game begins you take the role of Jax, a pro soccer player who after getting bitten by a zombie decides to stop the zombie apocalypse with just his soccer ball and a lot of courage before he turns into a green monster! The main story mode is produced with a series of well drawn comic-style pictures, and floating text at the top of the screen. A lot of time has been spent trying to produce a story that will make the game seem less repetitive, but this unfortunately does not have that much affect. Despite saying this though, there is a lot to like about this application. The combination of your favourite sport and your favourite creature to kill, the dreaded zombie, is a great start. Although not an avid sports game player, because the story is so far away from reality, it really does not matter that much at all.


The story mode features great looking cartoons The basic concept of the game is really pretty simple, you have to kick your soccer ball at the approaching hoards of zombies to kill them. Hitting a zombie with the ball will either knock of its arm off, or kill it in one, depending on where you hit it. Different types of zombies have different weak spots which if exploited, can make wiping the zombies out so much easier. In the top right corner, you can see a bar that slowly creeps across the screen, which indicates to you how far through the level you are. As well as the different zombies there are levels which feature slightly different gameplay, such as where the actual screen scrolls as well, so you have to run at the same time as killing zombies.There is also another, where you hop onto a "hover-scooter" and blast the zombies to pieces with a massive mounted gun! The games controls are very simple, and all that is really needed is a mouse. Towards the left-hand side of the screen is an aiming arrow, which when you move the mouse up and down changes the direction that Jax will strike the ball in. To kick the ball, simply click the left mouse button, whilst holding the button down will give you some extra power for the stronger zombies. You will have to combine these two types of kicks, as well as refine your aim to kill every zombie in the shortest possible timeframe. Hint: Going for the head is a sure way to kill them faster!


Basic Combat Mode in the Zombie Soccer game The zombies you have to work your way through come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from large ones, with reinforced chest pieces, to, smaller, more agile zombies which dodge left and right, and some which even go under the ground. Kill enough zombies and you will earn the ability to use a "super-power" with your soccer ball, which include:

  • Lightning Ball - Turns your ball into a high-speed killing machine, allowing you to repeatedly kick the ball more quickly.
  • Piercing Ball – Allows your ball to go through Zombies like butter. This ball, when it hits a zombie, will go right through that zombie and kill any/all other zombies in its path.
  • Angry Military Satellite – Allows you to target all the zombies you want to kill and then a huge frickin laser bean shoots down from a satellite in space and obliterates them.

All of these have great animations to go with the ability, but the angry military satellite really is the power-up to use every time, and can feel slightly over-powered unless there are civilians mixed among the hordes of zombies.

Targeting zombies with the "hover scooter's" blast cannon Overall the game provides hours of brilliant gameplay with a ludicrous enough back-story to match the amazingly detailed graphics that have been produced specifically to match the look and feel of the gameplay. And although this game may well not be suited for the big screen, as much as it was to the iPhone and iPad, The Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team have really pulled another great game out of the bag here, adding it to their other great releases, including Plants Vs Zombies and Worms, and a a great price too.