Posterino for Mac is a very attractive application for your Mac, that makes even better looking photos and stationary with a few simple clicks. If you've ever attempted to make a book in iPhoto, you will know what I mean when I mention the achievement felt when producing a great piece of art with your own personal photos. The templates provided in iPhoto are very stylish, the only downside is that the cost of the books themselves is a real disappointment. This is where Posterino comes in, providing you to create stunning collages of your favourite photos, and then allowing you to print the final result totally free of charge. Well, apart from the ink of course!Arrange your photos on the page the way you want Don't let the name "Posterino" fool you, it can also produce other stationary, such as greetings cards, postcards, and single prints with ease. Posterino offers you a fun and creative way to produce great looking posters of all your favourite pictures. The primary editing window is your blank canvas, with a slightly 'architecture' feel with the white lines on a blue background.. To the right of the screen is an iPhoto browser, allowing you to pick any photo stored on your Mac. You can either have the app randomize the photo placement for you, or you can choose the layout yourself, and manually crop your photos to get the best picture possible. There is also a widget below the Image Picker, which lets you switch to controls for individual images. Here, you can add frames, shadows, and borders, as well as edit the image size. There are lots of templates to choose from when creating a project If you like the grid idea, but don't want to use loads of images, there's even a built-in layout generator, which can simply automate the process of creating a custom grid template. And of course, once you've created a custom design, Posterino lets you save it as a template for re-use at a later date.

Exporting is really easy too, it allows for an easy transfer of the image to iPhoto or Mail and Posterino will even compress the image for you if you choose to email it. For the best results though, it is best to leave it in its original file format, and either use a high quality printer, or have it printed professionally for you. The finish will be well worth the price.When you have finished, choose how to export the file Posterino offers new features and options to all levels of photographers and is worth the price tag, and despite the lack of provided templates, it really does not take long to produce your own.