PhotoSync for Mac works in unison with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to easily transfer you photos to and from your Mac. This is the first application that we have encountered that offers a great user experience combined with a simple method that really takes all the complication of transferring photos wirelessly across you WiFi network or a Bluetooth connection.

It is to be noted though, that both your Mac and you wireless device must have PhotoSync installed for it to function correctly, and although the app for the Mac is free, the mobile version will cost you a small fee (£1.19/$1.99). But in return for this investment you will be able to easily transfer all of your favourite photos with ease. When you have been using PhotoSync for a few days you can never imagine going back to having to use wires again. To sync your photos, simply drag them to your selected device To transfer your photos, you just have to drag the images onto the PhotoSync icon which will sit tidily in your toolbar, and the transfer will begin. The speed of the transfer will depend on the speed of your wireless router connection both your Mac and your wireless device has. If one has a poor sinal, the entire process will be slowed right down or even stopped. An alternative to this though is to use the Bluetooth connection between your devices instead. If you are a budding photographer, you will be pleased to know that just because your photos are being wirelessly transferred that the Exif data is all preserved, and also RAW format files are supported. You can also copy photos from your device to your Mac PhotoSync can also work in conjunction with iPhoto and even Aperture, to transfer the photos to the place you will be using them on your Mac, a handy add-on that will save you a lot of time. Overall this is a nifty piece of software that takes advantage of the ever increasing wireless data transfer speeds, and if you find yourself transferring photos to and from your Mac on a regular basis, this is a definitely worth a try to save you extra time while doing so.