When you make a note of something, you will want it to be quick and simple to write down, and also be able to find it easily later. Nottingham 2 from Click On Tyler offers both of these features making note taking on your Mac so much easier. If you are one of those people that make do with the TextEdit application that is provided with Mac OS X when wanting to save snippet off the web, make of list of important items, or even save a few important numbers for later, then Nottingham will make this process a great deal easier for you. It has a very simple interface, with hardly any clutter, meaning that you can concentrate on what you have to remember for later, and speed up the process of finding your individual notes.

Interface & Navigation

To create a new note, you actually begin to type in the search bar at the top of the window, this automatically searches for notes relevant to the one you are creating, so you can see if there is already a note relevant for the topic. To create your new note, simply press Enter on your keyboard after you have finished typing, or, if you want to select one of the search results, scroll through using the arrow keys and then press Enter. Browsing the different notes in Nottingham 2 With the additional option of pressing escape after creating or editing a note to go back to the search bar, the need for grabbing your mouse when using this application is blown out of the window, further simplifying the process of note making. You can view your notes in either a landscape or portrait view, personally, I prefer the portrait view, as quite a few notes I tend to make are in a list format, so the notes tend to fit the size of the window better. The preview window displays the contents of the note When selecting a note, the preview window shows you a fully customizable markdown of the text which is great if you have lots of similar notes and would like a way to quickly view them to make sure it is the correct one. There is also an option to tag your notes with certain keywords so you can group together certain notes you have taken if they belong together.


There is an option in Nottingham to sync your notes to your iPhone or the web. This is done using the Simplenote service from Simperium which is totally free of charge, you will just have to create an account first and then activate your mobile device. On top of this, you can also use the well known Dropbox application for Mac to sync your files. The syncing services present offer a way to carry the notes you make with you wherever you happen to be going, and also act as a backup in case anything should happen your your computer. Displaying the Preferences Window


Nottingham 2 for Mac is a very simple and effective way of recording even the smallest of reminders, with a smooth running application interface that is great to be able to control without the need for a mouse, especially because most of your note making is with the keyboard anyway. With the 2.0.3 update there is also now an option to print individual notes and a web preview of them. With all these great features, packed into a neat application, Nottingham really does make remembering the important things simpler.