MPlayerX for Mac is a great alternative to the everyday media player. It has across the board compatibility that is offered by such applications as VLC Media Player but at the same time combines the sleek and clean look of Mac's QuickTime X. It does all this as well as utilizing the multi-touch gestures Apple have worked so hard to incorporate into their own applications.

MPlayerX is advertised as a multimedia player but with a new "eye-candy fashion" look about it. To some extent this is true, it has a similar menu layout and options to that of iPhoto, to make it feel more at home on your Mac, compared to the aged look of VLC that many users still choose to endure. As well as this, it also manages different formats of videos extremely well. Every format VLC managed to play, so did MPlayerX. There is some credibility for you. Control the video with the Quicktime like navigation bar MPlayerX also had built in support for integration with Apple's remote, so playing/pausing and skipping scenes is as easy as watching a movie on your TV. This is made even easier by the way it uses direct pass through to connect to external monitors, and allowing you to play a movie full-screen on one whilst doiong something else on another screen. Something that YouTube has yet to work out. Alter how the video looks to create the best viewing experience There is the ability to automatically find the next episode of the series you are watching (depending on the file format) and also resume from your last played position, much like the features used on BBC's iPlayer web application. This great app could certainly replace the likes of VLC for your main video player on your Mac, and far exceeds the practical uses of QuickTime X. Though the lack of playlist support and integration with iTunes is disappointing, but when weighed up against the advantages of this software package, really does seem irrelevant.