Every Mac user knows that re-sizing and positioning windows can sometime be a nightmare, spending way too long fiddling around with the resize tab in the lower right hand corner of an open window. There is however a solution to this problem. Moom allows you to resize, zoom, and position a window exactly how you want it with just a click of your mouse, or even just the press of a button. Moom allows you to set up virtual spaces within your desktop area and instantly snap windows to those predefined positions with ease.

Using the Mouse

The method of resizing can either be done by using the mouse, or the keyboard. When using the mouse to resize, all you need to do is hover over the green + icon in the upper left hand corner of the open window, then the Moom panel will appear with the selection options available to position and size the window. There are six options available when you do this.

  • Move & Zoom to Full Screen
  • Move & Zoom to Left Half
  • Move & Zoom to Right Half
  • Move & Zoom to Top Half
  • Move & Zoom to Bottom Half
  • Revert to Original Dimensions

Choose from one of the six available options Selecting one of these options will then instantly resize the window accordingly. You can also make the window resize to a quarter of the screen if you hold the mouse button down when clicking and dragging to the relevant corner you would like. However, if you are wanting more freedom in the positioning, the is a feature called "The Grid". This grid will allow you to resize and move windows by dragging your mouse across its segments. Both the width and the height of the boxes in the grid are customizable. Alter the size of the grid in the preferences There is also functionality to snap the window to full screen by dragging the icons even further to another display, which will result in: "Full Screen on Display to the Right".

Using the Keyboard

Everything that can be done in mouse mode can also be done in keyboard mode, with the added bonus of slightly more functionality. In addition to zooming windows to full/half/quarter-screen sizes, you can move them (while optionally confining them to the display), send them to another display; andcenter them.You just have to define a trigger hot key that activates Moom's keyboard control overlay. All of the hot keys are also customizable. Customize all aspects of Moom, from individual hot keys to the grid size Once this overlay is present, you can use the arrow keys to determine where the window will snap too.


Every hot key, every grid size, and every aspect of Moom can be customized so the apps that you use can be arranged on your screen more efficiently. It will save you lots of time by helping you with the positioning and sizing of windows on your Mac, and is in fact one of the most comprehensive applications we have seen in this category. Applications such Cinch are certainly more simple, but do lose out to some of the more in-depth features that are present in Moom.