Finding enjoyable videos to watch on YouTube has become easier and easier, due to the ever-growing user base that it has. With the fact that 35 hours of video are being uploaded every minute, MiniTube, basically turns YouTube into your own personal TV channel if you give it a keyword. Once you have decided on what you want to watch, simply type in your choice and MiniTube will find a group of videos related to your chosen word and play every one of them back to back. Its time to sit back and relax.  


Once installed, you are presented with a screen which prompts you to enter a keyword or a channel to play videos from. This could be anything from "Michael Jackson", to "cute rabbits". Then click watch, and MiniTube will present you with an endless playlist of videos related to that topic. Search either by video keyword or channel name

The Video

You can then order the videos by most relevant to your search term, the most recent, or the most viewed. All of which provide startling different results. Another added bonus to watching videos in MiniTube rather than YouTube is the smoothness of the video. This great quality playback come from the fact that MiniTube takes advantage of QuickTime on your Mac, and does not use the flash player that is used when watching videos in your browser. The result is great looking, highly detailed (up to 1080p) and a smooth playback of all the videos you watch. The video quality looks great full screen


You may be skeptical about this application and wonder what exactly what it has to offer over watching videos on YouTube. But just to make it clear, you can create unlimited playlists of your favourite bands or vloggers, as well as being able to watch HD video fullscreen with no lag on loading time and buffering. With a bunch of great looking media controls and a different take on watching YouTube videos, MiniTube can really turn your Mac into a personalised TV channel.