If you are new to using Lion, and have transitioned from either Windows, Snow Leopard or other older versions of OS X, then Tutor For Lion can really help you get to grips with the new operating system from Apple. Lion has introduced over 250 new features, and if you could name them all for me right now then I suggest you stop reading this review. But however, the chances are that you would struggle after about 10, maybe even 20 features. Tutor For Mac will show you the ins and outs of all the main new features, as well as the ones you didn't know about, with a series of video tutorials teaching you how to master Lion.


Mission Control, Launchpad, Airdrop, and Mail's new features are just some of the tutorials covered by Tutor For Mac. These topics are laid out in a column towards the left hand side of the window, and the main video window takes up the rest of the space. Much like a YouTube playlist, you can select any individual tutorial or just watch everything from start to finish. Tutor For Lion with the contents on the left and video frame on the right Each individual training session is about 3 minutes long and Dan the tutor is very easy to listen to and everthing is shown through screen flow, it is also very easy to follow and almost every single day to day feature is comprehensively covered, plus a few bonus tips on the side. If you think you know everything included with Lion, think again, because these high-quality tutorials will surely help you optimize your use of Apple's operating system. This specific tutorial covers screen sharing and is one video in the series


For a little bit of a confidence boost about using Lion, or a few extra tips on how to improve your productivity with the new operating system, Tutor For Lion is sure to help you along the way. For a list of full features and tutorials available in the application, click on the icon below to go to the Mac App Store.