Every Mac needs to be kept in a good condition, so that the tasks that you depend upon run smoothly, efficiently, and take as little time as possible. Keeping you Mac in a good condition can sometimes be a laborious task, requiring you to free up hard-drive space, clean up your workspaces, tweak those hidden settings under the hood of OSX and fine-tuning your computer to get the most out of it. Now all of these tasks can be carried out for you in the background. With MainMenu and MainMenu Pro you can forget about optimizing your Mac yourself and let it take care of the details while you carry on with the important stuff.

The Maintenance Window

This review will be looking at MainMenu Pro, simply because it has slightly more features than MainMenu. If you wish to compare the two similar products you can check out the differences using this comparison table. From this window there are several options to choose from. Home Clean will tidy all of your workspaces by clearing unneeded cache's stored by various applications, such as web browsers and your dashboard and desktop. This will free up disk space by cleaning the system cache (for all users if needed) . The MainMenu Pro window showing the available features Then there is the Volumes tab which will allow you to manage your disk's. It does this by repairing your disk permissions and also letting you secure erase the free space on your Mac. This is useful because when you delete something, you don't actually delete it as such, the file disappears yes, but the file can still be restored using professional restoration programs. It is only deleted once another file is created which uses the same part of disk that the file was on. What secure erasing does is create a massive file the size of the "free" space on your Mac, then delete it permanently. This guarantees that the "free" space on your hard-drive is in fact free. Selecting the Maintenance tab will allow you to run either daily, weekly or monthly maintenance checks. This action will run a maintenance script which will fix common disk problems by repairing disk permission and volumes on your Mac. Choosing the Optimize tab will allow you rebuild launch services by attempting to fix some common problems when booting up applications. The search feature on your Mac is also optimised by rebuilding Spotlight 's and Mail's index. As mentioned earlier, when you delete a file, it may still stay on your disk. This is what the Trash feature is for. It lets your secure delete individual files and folders to securely remove it immediately from your machine. Clean your cache using the System Clean tab MainMenu also lets you manage your currently running processes and applications, giving you the option to stop, or restart individual processes. As well as this, options under System Clean and Settings will allow you to further clean and fine-tune your Mac to get it back up to speed. The Settings tab also allows your to dig deep into the OS and change options you didn't even know were there, such as removing shadows from windowed screenshots, and disabling the dashboard saving memory. Updates to Lion also by default hide hidden files and folders, as well as the once revealed Library Folder. Although there are other ways to show these hidden files, under the settings tab you can automatically let Finder show you the hidden files co you can know exactly what is on your Mac and where.

It's The MainMenu MenuBar

It may be a little bit of a tongue-twister, but is a really useful part of the MainMenu package. It lets you instantly access all of the commands we have seen on the maintenance window, but in the menubar a the top of your screen. From here you can control the processes that are running through MainMenu, and even open up the main window if you need. Here you can see the MainMenu MenuBar Clicking on lots of different tasks to run can be slightly laborious. Thats where you can use custom tasks. This feature lets you create a custom list of tasks to run, and then run them all with one click. Custom Tasks also lets you shutdown or restart your machine after the tasks have finished so you can leave it running before you go to sleep, and get up the next day to a fully functioning, healthy Mac.


MainMenu really can help keep your Mac up-to-speed. If you do not have any application on your computer that can help maintain its health, there really is only one question. To go Pro or not to go Pro. As mentioned before, the comparison list is available here. Otherwise, click the icon below to head over straight to the Mac App Store and check out MainMenu there.