Have you ever wondered about the technical specifications of your Mac, or any other Apple product that has ever been produced for that matter. Well ... Mactracker can help you to discover everything you desire to know from your Mac's serial number, to what kind of RAM it has, and even what date it was made. It does not matter whether you are a serious tech-head or know very little about computers, when it come to updating, upgrading, or repairing your Mac, the information that is provided by Mactracker becomes priceless, from Macintosh, to the iPod, and from the latest operating system all the way to the oldest servers.


After downloading and installing Mactracker, opening it up will greet you with a modestly plain greyscale interface, but the beauty of Mactracker is not how it looks, but how it works and what information you can harvest from it. There is a navigation window on the left hand side of the window and the list of models on the right displaying great miniature icons for each product to give you an idea what they looked like. Because Mactracker is completely free, to cover the cost of maintaining the application there is a "Donate" button which if you are feeling generous, will allow you to make a contribution towards the future versions of Mactracker.The welcome screen will prompt you for a donation, and although many users choose to skip this step, it can prove vital for the existence of the application. From here, selecting "All Models" will produce a list in the model section of all the different products that Mactracker has information on, which is over 500! Although you can find most of the information which Mactracker has online, there are many advantages to having it all in one handy place stored locally on your machine.

Finding A Mac

Mactracker is able to analyse your Mac and tell you its model as well as all of the technical specifications. In fact, it is not able to do this just for your Mac, but every single other product made by Apple in existence, down the processor speed, graphics and memory. To find a specific model there are several options to browse by. Selecting either Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, Devices or Software will allow you to pick a very broad category in which to view the different models. Within these categories are smaller sub-categories which list particular products, such as the iBook and the Macbook under the category "Notebooks" for example. Choosing the "Timeline" option will allow browsing by the year a product was introduced or launched. Going back in time using this tool, there are many interesting devices to be found that you never knew existed. But among the odd device you may never have heard of, you can find golden oldies which make Apple what it is today, such as the Macintosh II. Displaying the details for the Macintosh II[/caption] As well as browsing by year and model, there is the option to search for a product. This can narrow down what you are looking for greatly, especially if searching from within a category. So if we would like to find all the iBook's that Apple sold, we can simply search for "iBook" and a list of the models will fill the browsing window. From here we can then double-click on a specific model to view further information and statistics for the product. Searching for any phrase will return relevant results, if searching all products, or just a specific category

My Models

After finding the models that you own or are working with, it is possible to add them to the "My Models" section. This lets you keep track of which products are leaving their warranty period, which can prove to be very useful if deciding to take your Mac into a store. Then, as before double-clicking on the listing will present you with the information number for the particular model, containing information under the tabs "General", "Software", "Memory & Graphics", "Connections & Expansion", "History" and "Notes". Displaying information for the MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 Model


Mactracker is a priceless tool for anybody who works with Mac's on a daily basis. It will even prove useful for anyone who repairs any of Apple's products. Mactracker will obviously also be a hit with those that collect Apple products and would like a place to categorise and order their models. Even if you are not an avid collector, or a professional engineer, Mactracker can still provide you with a useful insight into the history of Apple and the products it has made over the past 27 years.