Machinarium is a great-looking adventure game for your Mac. The story line revolves around a small robot who is trying to find his counterpart. You follow the robot along its path, overcoming obstacles and enemies along the way. Even though the game is not available in HD it will still be know as one of the greatest point and click adventure games ever to be released for Mac, with it unique puzzles combined with very pretty graphics, which feel old and new at the same time.

The game itself may be categorized as point and click, but don't let that fool you. You can alter the height of your character to change his balance and movement speed, there is also a "sight" area around the robot so you can only interact with objects within a certain radius. A great touch to stop players for simple clicking all over the screen and ruining the game developers intentions. There are some really interesting puzzles that use this feature, but the will be no spoilers here. Also, if you get stuck, you can just use the built-in hints and walkthroughs to progress through the game. Machinarium contains a variety of great looking puzzles There are also some logical puzzles and maths games which require you to use your reasoning skills, including arrow jumping puzzles, five in a row and lots more. These provide a welcome break from searching for objects you need and travelling from place to place, which can take a while especially if you have extended the robot to its full length.

But its not just the gameplay that is really well made. The graphics contained in the world that you explore are amazing. It replicates an old drawing, but in a modern environment very well indeed. The images really make this game something something special, and you will do well to find any area of the screen which doesn't have an interesting object or image to look at. It really is a work of art in its own right, if there were posters of each level design, I would certainly purchase them. Some of the levels take longer than others The atmospheric soundtrack for the game also enhances the beauty and overall feel of the environment you are in,and every little clank, bang, grunt and shuffle matches the gameplay perfectly.

Machinarium is definitely worth your time and money, a very rare game in todays market indeed. For a point and click adventure, is really does live up to the name of the classics such as Myst. With brilliant new puzzles and and excellent audio and video experience, Machinarium could be exactly what you are looking for as a new game for your Mac.