On this day last year, Mac Genius and Apple's Mac App Store launched, and today we can mark the milestone that is 1 year! On 6th January 2011 the Mac App Store launched with more than 1000 apps at its launch, since then it has achieved more that 100 million unique downloads, excluding the downloads of OSX Lion which Apple sold uniquely through the Store for the first time in history, and also excluding updates. Now with more then 10,000 applications to choose from, the Mac App Store has become the number 1 place to purchase and install Applications on your Mac, so it would seem that Steve was right.

“We think users are going to love this innovative new way to discover and buy their favorite apps."

Mac Genius has introduced a great new way to allow Mac users to discover and learn about new and exciting applications that are available on the Mac platform. With a series of in-depth reviews and Top Mac App Tables for a quick look at the most popular Mac Apps, Mac Genius has been propelled right into the centre of the Mac App reviewing scene.

Happy Birthday Mac Genius & Mac App Store!

... and may the next year be even more exciting.