Simple ideas are normally those that work best, which explains iDraw's approach to the vector illustration concept. iDraw provides simple, easy to use tools which allow you to create everything from a detailed technical drawing to a work of art. With its "We are better than Paint" approach, much of the same functions and tools are available, but refined and redesigned to make for a very clean, and somewhat familiar interface. But iDraw brings in some features of the higher end illustration packages such as layers, filters, styling and gradients, which makes iDraw much more adaptable than other applications in its category.


As mentioned, iDraw has a toolbar layout similar to Microsoft's Paint on the left hand toolbar, with basic selection tools, shapes and text functions. Here though is where the similarities end. iDraw has a metallic look and feel with beautiful embossed icons which stand out, making it very easy for you to distinguish between the tools you need to use. Similar to Photoshop in some respects, iDraw uses a ruler guide along the x and y axis so when creating more detailed drawings, scale and proportion can be implemented into your designs much easier. Use the line drawing tool to create everything from simple circles and rectangles to complex curves Towards the right of the window, there is the layers panel, which allows you to select individual layers whilst changing their opacity and blending attributes. This is also complimented with a properties toolbar which allows you to arrange, group and align the layers further, as well as applying layer gradients and other layer blending options.


Because iDraw focuses on technical drawings as well as more artistic concepts, the rulers and guides are offered in mm, cm, or inches, as well as allowing you to dimension individual sections of your drawing. This allows you to create detailed design drawings of products, such as the iPad shown in the image below. Create detailed design drawings of products Other features of iDraw include: - Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching - Essential set of shape creation tools - Multiple layers - Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes - Pen tool multi-point selection and editing - Multi-color gradient editor - Text styling - Shadows - Images - rotate, scale, with alpha transparency - Snap to Grid - Canvas Styles - Group / Lock / Lock Aspect ratio - Export designs as vector-based PDF and SVG files With all of these features, you can easily create more artistic looking drawings, as well as detailed designs. Using a combination of simple shapes, gradients, overlay effects, opacity filters, and a little bit of hard work, a beautiful image can be created in not much time at all. Create great looking works of art


iDraw provides a great way to produce both technical drawings, and detailed works of art that would look good in any portfolio. With a wide array of well thought out features and a sleek looking interface and layout reminiscent of other popular drawing application, designers and artists alike will feel well at home with iDraw.